Six New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthy Heart

new-years-resolutions_healthyIt’s that time of year again hence we all promise to make a change for the better. Here’s a wish list of six resolutions for a healthier heart will pay you dividends in 2016.

Do you want to prevent heart attack? How about heart surgery recovery tips? Here are some tips to help you out this year:

1. Reduce stress. Try to take some time for yourself each and every day. Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Finally, listen to your body for when it says “enough”, it probably is.

2. Stop smoking. Stop smoking. Stop smoking.

3. Eat healthier. Drink low-fat milk. Take baby carrots or cherry tomatoes to work for lunch. Have fish for dinner twice a week. Have one green vegetable with each evening meal. Losing weight if overweight is obvious. Track your weight on paper each morning to chart your progress.