August Is Psoriasis Awareness Month


Every August health care providers across the country work to help spread awareness about the skin condition known as Psoriasis. Psoriasis is not contagious but can be inherited. Research indicates that the disease may result from a disorder in the immune system. Currently, there is no cure for psoriasis. However, there are many treatment options that can clear psoriasis for a period of time.

What is Psoriasis?

Typically psoriasis sufferers usually develop well defined red raised patches covered by silvery scales which form first on the scalp, behind the ears, on the back of the neck, between the shoulders, on elbows and knees or near fingernails and toenails.

5 Low Cost Ways to Soothe the Sting of Sunburn


Each of us most likely has at least one memory of nasty sunburn. Whether experienced personally, or by a close family member or friend, the symptoms are likely to include anything from red hot skin that is either tender or painful to touch, to nausea, dehydration, blistering and flaking or peeling of the skin.

As anyone who has experienced bad sunburn will verify, the amount of time spent causing the sunburn, is largely disproportionate to the length of time that can be spent suffering the consequences of its effects. In this respect, and depending on the severity of burning, — pain and discomfort can persist for several days after the event, as the body works to heal and recover from the unprotected UV exposure.

When 24 Hours are Just Not Enough: Time Management Techniques to Decrease Stress

Today’s often repeated expression is that there are just not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. This holds true for most people who are busy juggling the demands of a job, family, chores, and other commitments. They are constantly under pressure to fulfill all the roles that have been thrust upon them, and this leaves them vulnerable to stress. And while pressure is part and parcel of all work and helps to keep us motivated, excessive amounts can lead to stress. This undermines individual performance and productivity, and is costly to employers when the employees become ill. 1660529

We are all subjected to stress on a daily basis, largely as a consequence of modern living. The effects of stress on our bodies differ greatly from person to person, largely dependent on the amount we have in our lives and how we handle it. There are a number of health problems that can be directly or indirectly attributed to stress, which manifests itself in any number of physical or psychological symptoms. These symptoms are often ignored until it seriously affects our health and wellbeing.

Stress is basically our body’s negative response to the pressures of life. The concept of stress was defined by Hans Selye as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.” He also identified the two kinds of stressors, positive and negative, which he called eustress and distress respectively. Eustress is a positive stressor that come with situations that are perceived to be happy or good, such as weddings, childbirth or big family holidays. Distress is a negative stressor derived from situations that are traumatizing or unhappy, such as the death of a loved one or an accident. But whether the situation is positive or negative, this rate of wear and tear we subject ourselves to eventually takes its toll on our bodies, and how we deal with the stress is important.

Mental Illness: Getting Our Minds Around The Facts

mental_health2May is known throughout the United States as Mental Health Awareness Month, and has been observed  since 1949. It has helped bring awareness to mental healthy issues by reaching millions of people through the media, local events, and screenings

A recent survey by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) found that many people know little or almost nothing about the warning signs, causes and effective treatments for mental illnesses-even though in any given year, one in five Americans suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder.

April is STD Awareness Month


The month of April is known as STD Awareness Month. As effective as modern contraception methods are, most protect you from only one kind of risk: unintended pregnancies. But, unplanned parenthood is not the only risk that comes with unsafe and unprotected sex. Practicing unsafe sex also puts you at risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Since condoms are the only known and proven birth control method that protect against STDs and STIs, a lot of sexual health information can go a long way in keeping yourself safe and uninfected.